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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Nov 29, 2018

Physical therapist and yoga teacher Libby Hinsley discusses the significance of the psoas muscle and how yoga teachers can most effectively work with it in their classes.


  • The primary role of the psoas muscle (it’s probably not what you think)
  • Symptoms of psoas dysfunction
  • Two reasons why modern humans have more problems with the psoas than our ancestors
  • How the psoas shapes the body
  • Two neuromuscular principles for supporting the psoas to lengthen
  • A formula for working with the psoas in yoga classes
  • The problem with most anatomical cues and what you can do instead


Invitation for Inspired Action

Write a sequence using Libby’s psoas love formula. Who is your audience? Will they benefit from indirect strengthening or can you target the psoas major muscles directly?


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