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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Jan 16, 2020

Miranda Peterson has had an impressive 2019: she more than tripled her yoga business revenue from the year before. But that’s not the only result she’s seen from hiring Mado as her coach and mentor. In this special episode, you get a behind the scenes glimpse of what it’s like to work with a coach long term including:

  • The process and what happens when you narrow down your niche.
  • Addressing major concerns and challenges head on with support.
  • How having a coach helps with confidence both as a yoga teacher and business owner.
  • The unique experience of having someone who intimately understands your business as a sounding board and to celebrate your wins with.
  • Understanding what makes a coach the right coach for you. 
  • Exploring money mindset and our relationship with money as yoga teachers. 

Tune in next week for a much requested topic: how to fill your classes with guest Amanda McKinney. 


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