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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Apr 16, 2020

Kristine Weber is a leading authority on the neuro-scientific benefits of slow, mindful movement. She joins Mado on the podcast for an in-depth conversation about what happens physiologically when you experience anxiety and the science behind why yoga is helpful for anxiety.

Episode highlights:

  • How we experience and process trauma, our behavior, and when anxiety can show up. 
  • What is going on physically in the body when we experience anxiety. 
  • Opportunities to reach more people with the benefits of yoga and how to be more accessible to these people.
  • The most important tools from yoga for managing anxiety 
  • How the Yamas and Niyamas help with anxiety 
  • The problem of using yoga for spiritual and emotional bypassing 
  • How to proceed if you are interested in using yoga practices for mental health benefits

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