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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Jul 12, 2018

Margaret shares important things yoga teachers should know about addiction and recovery, what we can do to support our students who are struggling with these issues, and simple techniques for helping all our students build resilience.



  • An inclusive definition for addiction.
  • The different forms addiction may take and who is at risk.
  • How yoga can help those suffering from addiction
  • How addiction and trauma are related
  • CRM community resiliency model (how to return to resiliency)
  • Margaret’s advice for yoga teachers in how to support people in addiction and recovery
  • Signs of stress and signs of recovery

Invitation for Inspired Action
Techniques we invite you try in your classes:

  1. Offer pauses to check in
  2. Cue interoceptive awareness (locate and track sensations inside as they shift). Ask the question “What are you feeling on the inside right now?”
  3. Use a countdown in challenging poses to help people learn to tolerate discomfort


Links and Resources

The Yoga Teacher Resource Facebook Group

Margaret’s Website