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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Jul 4, 2019

Yoga Alliance CEO Shannon Roche joins Mado to discuss recently announced changes to their standards for entry level yoga teacher trainings. The conversation goes in-depth on topics of curriculum, anticipated outcomes, and even reactions to criticisms of Yoga Alliance as an organization. 


Since this episode is longer than normal, timestamps of the highlights and different topics addressed are included below so that you can jump to specific areas of interest: 


00:02:50 Shannon’s personal definition of yoga and how she views the role and scope of Yoga Alliance’s participation in the larger yoga community.

00:06:38 Shannon’s personal history and experience with yoga and what led her to the position as CEO for Yoga Alliance.

00:11:08 A summary of the major changes and the motivation behind the 18 month long project.

00:21:23 Alternative pathways or “grandfathering” options for lead trainers who might not have the typical credentials but have the qualifications 

00:24:11 Anticipated outcomes and who the changes will impact the most 

00:27:43 The difference between a certifying entity and a credentialing agency and how they work together.

00:29:31 How Yoga Alliance is approaching their “PR problem” and reputational concerns.

00:39:24 Review panels, re-credentialing, and updates and improvements to the application process. 

00:47:44 Curriculum changes.

00:59:02 How Yoga Alliance will continue to evaluate standards going forward 

01:04:44 Critics of Yoga Alliance


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