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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Aug 8, 2019

Listen in on a practical and  inspiring conversation about how yoga teachers can go beyond the physical in their teaching 

Kelly Golden, founder of virabhava yoga, shares how her teaching evolved in response to personal challenges and the surprising way her students responded when she changed her classes from hot power vinyasa to a more slow and subtle practice incorporating energetics. 

Episode highlights:

  • Accessible definitions of prana and energetics. 
  • Why teaching about energy is a struggle for yoga teachers and also why it’s important. 
  • What it means to cultivate a relationship with prana.
  • How understanding energy, and cultivating our tools of internal feeling and measurement, can help in terms of the long term benefit of our practice. 
  • Easy and practical ways to bring a relationship with prana into the classroom and share with our students.
  • Practicing and teaching yoga from the perspective of energy as primary and how alignment and form can follow a direction of energy. 
  • Examples of teaching a movement in different ways to have different effects.


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