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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Aug 1, 2019

Allison is opening a yoga studio and came to Mado with questions about working with her staff of teachers and finding ways to feel more centered in her personal offering of yoga. 


Allison feels called to work with people with injuries and often finds herself connecting with physical therapists and chiropractors. She also expresses that she is unsure about calling herself an expert and yet she feels like she has sufficient training, even to the point of feeling a little “trained out” or tired of doing trainings right now.


Listen in as Mado guides Allison through her questions and offers the following insights:

  • Tips for marketing and naming your classes so that people are clear about who you help and how you help them.
  • Ideas for reaching out to physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists for finding people to work with. 
  • The value of personal connection over virtual connection for networking and building relationships with physical therapists and chiropractors. 
  • Developing a mentorship program as a studio owner to nurture relationships with teachers at the studio. 
  • What it means to be in a “questioning place” with your yoga teaching.  
  • What to do when you feel tired of yoga training and it feels aren’t really getting any new information. 


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