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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Aug 22, 2019

Mado shares her experience with switching email marketing service providers, why she made the change from Mailchimp to Convert Kit, and her tips and recommendations for yoga teachers looking to begin using an email service as well as those who are ready to maximize their email marketing. 


Episode Highlights:


  • Why and how yoga teachers might want to use email marketing
  • Mailchimp’s limitations and reasons for switching to ConvertKit 
  • What the process of switching was like including migrating a contact list 
  • Mistakes Mado made along the way and what she wishes she I had done differently
  • Recommendations for the less tech savvy yoga teachers


Links and Resources:


Individual and group coaching with Mado

Episode 16 “Email Newsletters Are Dead, Long Live Email Marketing.”

Episode 66 “Recent MailChimp Changes with Peter Akkies”

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