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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Feb 28, 2019

We all experience moments of self doubt and sometimes feel like an impostor - as though we are not really qualified to take the seat of the teacher and lead others in yoga. In this episode you'll hear why I think this is actually a good thing and how you can continue to serve your students no matter how you are...

Feb 21, 2019

When Allison signed up for an on-air coaching call, she thought she wanted help with narrowing her focus and keeping her classes interesting - but the byproduct of that work was to optimize her teaching schedule and hone back in the reasons she loves teaching in the first place.

  • Why excellent teaching is always about...

Feb 14, 2019

Learn what is really happening in your body when you stretch and how to use this information in your classes and personal practice.

Trigger point therapist and yoga teacher Cat Matlock takes us on a tour of the human muscular system and the way it interacts with the nervous system.


  • The key sensory organ...

Feb 7, 2019

Do you (really) understand the relationship between stretching and strengthening? Yoga teacher and physical therapist Ferris Fakhoury sets us straight about the relationship between these two concepts. (Hint - they aren’t opposites).

She also drops wisdom about:

  • Changes in our understanding about the human body that...