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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Jul 1, 2021

Ever wonder what’s actually happening in the transition from downward facing dog to lunge? Why is it so challenging for some? Is it an essential transition to master? Listen to learn how you can help your students navigate this common movement while still offering them an empowering yoga class experience.

This episode originally aired on February 27th 2020, enjoy the replay!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Understanding the mechanics of this particular movement and what is required of your body. 
  • Specific cues for that will help your students be successful.
  • Why repetition of important cues is helpful to students.
  • Building the poses and your cues progressively.
  • Alternatives, modifications, and how to determine when they are appropriate.
  • Strengthening movements that prepare your students for what it takes to step forward from down dog.

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