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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

May 30, 2019

Self care is essential for yoga teachers - but easier said than done. In the fast pace of modern culture, our role has partly become a cheerleader for self care. Yet, many of us live with life circumstances that cause us to neglect our own self-care. In this week’s episode of the podcast I demystify the idea of self care and offer a simple way of thinking about it that will help you understand how to implement it in your own life.  

  • A simple way of describing self-care from a yoga perspective.
  • A review of the structure and function of the human nervous system and how it relates to self care.
  • Why understanding the nervous system is helpful for yoga teachers.
  • How the modern self-care movement oversimplifies self care and portrays it in a misleading and potentially harmful way.
  • Additional ways to think about and practice self care that are more effective and accessible.
  • How to talk about self care with your yoga students.

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