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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

May 16, 2019

Insights and surprises about yoga teachers and the yoga industry, glimpses behind the scenes of podcast production, and a vulnerable moment of self-revelation.

This episode covers some of many lessons I’ve learned through producing this podcast for the past year including:

  • The inspiration for starting this podcast - and how that initial spark has expanded into the main ways that I currently work with yoga teachers.
  • Two common struggles that many yoga teachers face that surprised me
  • The truth about a so-called saturated market - and how yoga teachers around the world are finding their own way to a sustainable yoga business.
  • The hardest part about producing the podcast - and the part that was surprisingly easier than I expected.
  • One ugly truth about myself and how it has been holding me back in my business (and my life)
  • A peek behind the scenes of how I choose topics for the podcast, which episodes have been the most popular, and the single most downloaded episode of the entire year.
  • How listening to myself on the podcast has revealed an aspect of my personality that is both a limitation and a superpower - and how yoga has helped me manage and come to terms with this particular challenge.