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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Sep 19, 2019

Leslie Kaminoff is a straight talking yoga teacher who has been around long enough to have seen the tremendous shift in how yoga is practiced and perceived in the US. In this follow up to their previous conversation about the history and future of the Yoga Alliance, Leslie shares his background and yoga origin story. He and Mado also discuss the ways in which the birth of the fitness industry paved the way for what we in the west know yoga to be today.


Episode Highlights:


  • Leslie’s recommendations for people looking to work as a full-time yoga teacher
  • Leslie’s personal yoga story 
  • How the rise of the fitness industry directly influenced yoga as we know it in the US 
  • Whether someone is or isn’t doing “real yoga” if they came to yoga through fitness 
  • Thoughts on the Yoga Alliance’s new standards 
  • The origin of the Leslie’s esutra email list and the original dialogue he started around the Yoga Alliance standards years ago 

Links & Resources


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