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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Oct 17, 2019

Kate Lynch is a long time yoga practitioner, yoga teacher, and mother of a special needs child. While she has a lot of clarity about exactly who she wants to work with, she also has concerns that her niche is too specific and that it could make things difficult in terms of growing her yoga business. Listen to this on-air coaching call to find out what advice Mado offers about Kate’s niche, how to make more money as a yoga teacher, and getting over the fear of taking big steps. 


Episode highlights:


  • How having a more narrow niche usually plays out in a fledgling business 
  • Dealing with fear and anxiety as it relates to business and making big decisions 
  • Overcoming the obstacle of asking for money for services in markets that are resistant or uninformed as to the value you offer
  • The pros and cons of in-person or online options pros and cons 
  • Strategizing and prioritizing larger projects like writing a book, blogging, podcasting, and planning retreats. 

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