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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Nov 8, 2018

Learn how to market your offerings in a way that is both honest and effective - and avoid the most common marketing pitfalls along the way.


  • The evolution of the ‘yoga industry’ in the past few decades
  • Why most yoga teachers think of marketing in backwards - and how turning that thinking around can transform their relationship to marketing
  • The weird reason I used to be afraid of marketing - and how I got over myself
  • How (and why) to depersonalize the results of your marketing
  • One powerful assignment to get you started with effective marketing.

Invitation for Inspired Action

Set up tea or phone calls with 5 of your most dedicated students. Determine what they appreciate about your classes, what need they feel it fulfills, and what challenges or frustrates them in their practice. Pay attention to the language they use and the things they care about. Once you have had your first conversation, please come onto the Yoga Teacher Resource Facebook Group  and tell us what you learned.


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