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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Sep 6, 2018

Learn everything you need to know to make your first yoga video. Jess Rose shares the inside scoop of what it takes to make a high quality yoga video your first try.


  • The equipment you really need to make a yoga video and tips for keeping your equipment costs down.
  • The most important things to know BEFORE you start creating your video.
  • The 3 most compelling reasons for yoga teachers to take the plunge and make a video.
  • The pros and cons of recording your audio separately from your video.
  • The biggest mistakes yoga teachers make when creating their first yoga video and how to avoid them.
  • Tips to overcome self-consciousness so that your personality shines through your video.


Invitation for Inspired Action

Make your first yoga video and share it on the Yoga Teacher Resource Facebook Group!


Email subscribers get a bonus download: One Week to Your First Yoga Video. This download breaks down the steps needed to make your first yoga video into actionable and achievable milestones so that you can stay on track and produce your first yoga video in a relaxed and realistic time frame without getting sidetracked or overwhelmed.


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