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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

May 31, 2018

Mado and Anna have a conversation about how to make ethics from the yamas and niyamas a part of your daily yoga practice.



  • Ethics are the foundation of a stable & consistent yoga practice.

  • Reframing Ethics:


  • Reframing the Yamas/Niyamas can lead to deeper understanding.
  • Yamas/Niyamas are key to mental health.
  • Ethical frameworks bring empowerment.


  • Ethics of Yoga over a Lifetime of Practice:


  • Our understanding and application of ethics changes over time.
  • Deepening our understand of ethics can guide us through uncertain times.
  • The practice of welcoming states of confusion as opportunities can be very helpful in moving through them.
    • “Grow through what we go through.”
  • A clear understanding of ethics is the key to opening the door to greater happiness through clear comprehension.


  • Compassion is Key:


  • Compassion practice is Ahimsa, or non-violence.
  • As we grow, we can suffer from harsh self-criticism and criticism from and for others.
  • Self Compassion and Compassion towards others are equally as important as you begin the practice of yoga.
  • As we begin to practice, we integrate all the parts of ourselves, and a strong guiding framework is key to lead us through the times we lose our way.


Personal Reflection Questions:


  • How do I practice ethical standards in my life?
  • How has ethics played a role in my teaching so far?
  • Do I consciously practice compassion in my life?


Links and Resources

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